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Empowering Your Financially Driven Tech Idea To Help You Focus On The Core Business.

Koncart is a platform that empowers you to build your fintech idea with ease. It enables you to quickly create and manage virtual wallets and transactions with an in depth analysis to your data by leveraging on our analytics dashboard.

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Koncart provides a sequential and detailed transaction recording making tracing and searching transactions an easier and faster process.

Virtual Wallet

Keep track of all your transactions ie your debit and credits with our virtual wallets. All transactions are built around a virtual wallet feature and additional wallets can be created on demand.

Developer Tools

Use our Web API's to connect to koncart to your tech stack. With familiar interfaces, developers will have an easy time integrating and get more time to work on the platforms unique value proposition.


Get detailed introspection into your transactions using our powerful dashboard metrics. You will also get to generate and customize statements on demand.

Developer First

We are building out composable API abstractions that enable robust, scalable, flexible integrations that get you up and running with Koncart in just a couple of minutes.