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Koncart Provides sequential and detailed transactions recording mechanism to ensure all your transactions follow an order.

Instead of using your customers personal info against each transaction, we have modelled a generic transaction with which you can use a unique identifier as a tracker.

On top of it, tracing and searching transactions is easier as history is kept sane.

Virtual Wallet

Transactions are build around a virtual wallet feature. This ensures all your numbers affect a wallet.

Use it to keep track of your numbers i.e. your debit and credits transactions.

Additionally, You can create additional wallets on demand, depending on your need. Each transaction is unique to a wallet.

Developer Tools

Use our Web API's to connect to koncart to your tech stack.

With Familiar interfaces, the developers have easier time integrating and more time to work on the business logic.


Get detailed introspection into your transactions using our powerful dashboard graphs and metrics.

More over, Generate and customize report statements on demand and get the delivered directly to your email.